In the stands

This is a little late but it’s something we’re going to start doing each time we get a new issue in the mail. If you hit up the jump, you’ll find a mini table of contents highlighting Odyssey related pages in the magazines. First up is the latest issues of Dig and Ride (US). I believe we have a Ride UK and Cream floating around in the office somewhere but I’m having trouble tracking them down.

Chase Hawk with a stylin’ 360-X (Dig:p.25)

Read about how Jim Bauer broke his teeth riding trails (Dig:p.38)

9th Street local legend, Chase Hawk (Dig:p.85/85)

Chase Hawk, ghost riding the whip (Dig:p.102/103, Empire Advert)

Mike Aitken in the photo section riding Tanner trails (Dig:p.135)

Terry Adams – Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year (Ride:p.50/51)