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Here are a couple wallpapers floating around that you guys might be into.

The sprocket image has been up as the ad-spot on our MySpace page for a while now and we recently got some inquiries about it. It’s a modified version of page 10 in our 2009 catalog. In it are the Vermont and Million Dollar Sprockets attached to Twombolt crank arms.

You can catch more info about these products on the flipside or by walking to the other side of the rainbow… which are lesser known internet euphemisms for click the Read More button.

The Vermont Sprocket:
Called the Vermont sprocket because it looks like a snowflake, some people think we forgot the sprocket bolt hole, and that was the point. Instead of having to work your design around functional holes, work the holes into the design. 5 different sprocket bolt holes, that don’t look like sprocket bolt holes when they are not in use. 7075-T6 aluminum in 23t, 25t, 27t, 28t, 30t and various sizes.
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The Million Dollar Sprocket (MDS):
This sprocket is a serious piece of machining, and the prototype seemed like it cost an arm and a leg, hence the name. Surprisingly light for how heavy duty it really is. The MDS has a fully integrated guard machined 360 degrees on one side, an optional removable 360 degree guard makes the chain fully protected from both sides. 7075-T6 aluminum and available in 25t, 27t, 28t, and 30t sizes.
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Twombolt Cranks:
Integrated, ultra-hollow 22mm splindle (17% stronger than 19mm versions). Similar weight as 3-piece cranks with titanium splindles. RHD and LHD ready.
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