Heath Pinter’s trail jam photos

Heath Pinter’s annual trail jam happened this past weekend and the place was packed with plenty of bikes, Rockstar drinks, free tacos and massive sets of tan, voluptuous doubles. Heath keeps his trails pretty dialed and it’s cool that he and Lonnie Paxton are down to open them up and hold jams for everyone to enjoy. Hit up the internet jump for pictures of real jumps and plenty of Chase Hawk.

EDIT: There’s a video from BNQT in there now, too!

If “paparazzi” was a verb, this caption would read, “Chase Hawk, getting paparrazied.”

Chase Hawk, kicking new blood into an old classic.

If you ever find yourself in the position of needing to spell Nuno’s last name correctly, think of the word “Olive” and add “ira” at the end. This was taken pre-collarbone breakage. Get well soon, Nuno!

Chase Hawk, rocket launch.

This is the only time I’ve ever seen Chase take a spill.

Nac Nac / headbutt combo. +250 points.

Jim Bauer, x-up.

Chase Hawk, booster-tron.

Corey Bohan, leading the pack.

Chase Hawk, 360.

Jim Bauer, smiley face.

Somebody should sponsor this kid.