Jim C, Aaron Ross and Terry Adams

No actual JTML news but here’s a five year old photo

Here are some team updates from this past week. Steven Spielberg twittered about Jim Cielencki’s tooth-hanger ET a few days ago. It was in regards to a web edit JC made. In it, JC walks you through the Model C and capped the video off with some solid riding. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it after the read more link or at the Sunday site.

Aaron Ross has a web-edit up as well… kind of… it’s like a video blog / news update of him hanging out in the front porch with Sergio Layos and Tony Hamlin. He’s still out of commission due to a treacherous tramp bike incident so there’s no actual riding involved. However, a pair of fluorescent red scissors can be spotted. Visit the Etnies site to watch it. Also, feel free to send him get well soon messages on Facebook.

And last but not least, we have a Terry Adams radio clip from Austin’s Morning Show with Jason & Deb. You can listen to it by clicking this guy: <(ô¿ó)>

That’s all folks!