Mexican Blanket Saddles

Our latest Senior 2 saddles feature authentic Mexican blanket fabric and are available in railed and Pivotal versions. Each saddle is unique with its own randomized colorway and pattern so no two saddles are ever identical.*

Railed versions are built with 7mm hollow rails and the Pivotal version features our unique, reinforced Pivotal base design. They’re stronger than your average Pivotal and hidden underneath the padding is a stripped, black, plastic saddle, already decorated with a clean design. Brand new or stripped to its core, all of our Pivotals will keep your bike looking fresh.

*In the unlikely event two saddle owners cross paths with identical seats, the two said saddle owners shall partake in a jovial celebration of high-fives and a dance around a sombrero. The development of a secret handshake between the two owners isn’t mandatory but it is highly recommended.

Here are the latest Senior 2 saddles we have to offer. Click around in the flip book above to get all the info and details.