Purple Rain Director Forks

Purple Rain

Our Director forks are now available in Purple Rain. It’ll make your bike looking so hot, doves will cry. Read more to find out what makes these forks lighter and more durable than traditional front wheel holders.

10mm thick hollow dropouts
10mm thick hollow dropouts, blended smoothly into the legs.

Built-in headset race and stronger steerer tube joint design
Built-in headset race and improved steerer tube joint design. Patents Pending.

From the Catalog:
While the Director Fork may look different from what you are used to, the geometry and feel  are an identical match with traditional forks. As the diagram shows, the axle is in the same position as it would be with a ‘normal’ fork design

The Director’s differences lie in the use of new construction techniques, putting this fork in a league of its own. The steerer tube is connected to the legs by  using a joint design  that is a substantial improvement over ordinary tubular crown forks.  The legs  have been  angled forward so the hollow dropouts can blend smoothly into the leg  tubing, while also  maintaining  a “traditional” axle position.   By running the legs “directly” from where the load is applied (at the steerer tube), to where it is  reacted against  (at the wheel axle), the mechanical efficiency  has  been  maximized in  this structure.   The end  result is  improved performance and durability.

The dropouts are formed from the leg itself, rather than being a basic welded on plate that is left to “flap in the breeze” like  on  a conventional fork. This design,  combined with  a 10mm thickness, makes bent dropouts a thing of the past.  The hollow dropouts are not only dramatically stronger, they are lighter too.