Jimmy Levan and Aitken news…

Ben came across this Jimmy Levan bio in a 1991 issue of Go Magazine. To put it into perspective, at the time of the interview, he was 17 years old and had national number 14 for 17 expert in racing. The full scan’s after the jump, but to get to it, you have to envision yourself doing a bar hop.

I wanted to put up the scan earlier but the scanner at work wasn’t working so now you’re getting an evening update. However, things worked out ’cause I came across this other little gem when I got on my computer (originally from Ryan Fudger’s box):

The other day a bunch of us went riding around downtown with Aitken. We went to the vegan Chinese place and then cruised around downtown. It was so good to see him back on his bike all stoked. The craziest news is that Mike rode the first four sets at Tanner today. I wasn’t down there today, but when I heard it I couldn’t believe it. – Matt Beringer

Read that again and then high five the next person you see.