kickin’ it old school

Ben’s Babies (L to R): Spike Jonez’ BMX, PK Ripper, Redline 700SL, 91 Elf Pro

We’re proud to announce we are now official sponsors of! Steve Brothers, the site owner, was kind enough to throw together some nice words for us and started up a couple threads announcing our new alliance. Approaching our 25 year anniversary in 2010, we are more than stoked to become part of one of the most highly regarded online communities for BMX history and old school parts preservation.

The tail end of the Elf: Pitbull Brakes!

The annual OS BMX Reunion and Show is happening this Saturday. If you happen to live in the area, come out to Arcadia and travel back in time for a decade or two. If you weren’t even born then, it’s cool. Come out anyway and get a glimpse of what bikes looked like prior to the scooterfication movement.

We’ll have a booth setup where you can check out some of our parts, past and present, along with Ben’s own old school beauties (see photo above). If you have some old bits of Odyssey history yourself, make sure to bring them because we’ll be snapping pics for a future section on our site that will be documenting the evolution of Odyssey. To get a glimpse of some of the things we’re looking for, peruse through this thread.

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