A colorful world

Woozy BMX put together this amazing edit of the Haro Retro Show that happened this year at the Worlds. This video’s really well done and it’ll give you chills when the over/under 540 hits the screen.

Click the read more link to check out the tires they’re running and a quick blurb from Gumby!

Here are those tires they’re using in the video!

I just wanted to send a note saying how much I appreciate your help and support for the Haro Retro Show at the Worlds this year. It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s great having Odyssey be a part of it.

My bike is all dailed in and looks just like it did in 86′. It’s crazy how we pulled that off. Xaiver is the Man! I ride in the Fourth of July parade here in my home town tomorrow in preparation for the big show. I have my Odyssey tires on and all dailed in. They look and feel great. The funny thing is when I got the package in the mail it brought me back to 1985-86 when I would often get a package from Odyssey out blue with some of the latest coolest products to test out and run. I loved it!

Oldschool Rider,
Dave “Gumby” Nourie