Chase Gouin Bars

Chase Gouin Bars

Chase Gouin bars are back in stock. They feature an 8″ rise and are available with or without back sweep. The whole bar is 41 Thermal processed and multi-butted throughout for highly refined strength and weight. Full specs for each are as follows:

The B.S:
» 6 degrees back sweep
» 6 degrees up sweep
» 26″ wide and 8″ rise

The No B.S:
» 0 degree back sweep
» 3 degrees up sweep
» 25″ wide and 8″ rise

In other Chase Gouin news, we recently received a package that’s filled with footage of 23 different combos he’s been working on at his local spot. There’s plenty of sick front and back wheel action so keep an eye out for an edit in the near future.