Terry Adams
Terry Adams in Kamatsu, Japan

Fluorange Twinpops
Fluorange Twinpops: Aaron Ross (US) and Warren Daniels (UK)!

Here’s a bit of team news. Mr. Terry Adams was over in Japan this past weekend for the 2nd stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and this coming week, he’ll be on home turf for the 3rd and final stop, The VooDoo Jam!

The Road to Glory is in full swing and Jim Cielencki just hooked us up with a batch of pics. Click the read more link for more R2G pics and an OMG!

Odyssey's Road to Glory
They don’t make ’em like these in the states.

Odyssey Van
I’m sure the extra height comes in handy but dang, that’s one tall rental van.

Classic American Pizza
Classic AMERICAN Pizza?

Double Decker Bus
Double stack.

Aaron Ross!

Jim Cielencki
Poached from @theaaronross, here’s JC on a Model-C, carving a CW.

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