The Quadrant Wheel

The Quadrant Rim
Quadrant Wheels are available now!

A while ago, Mike Ardelean had a bike check that listed his rear rim as a Quadrant prototype. It raised curiosity in some parts of the internet and we finally revealed more details about it during interbike. For 2010, the Quadrant will be joining our family of rims as the younger brother of our top-of-the-line Seven K-A and the very popular Hazard Lite.

The Quadrant is our new double wall “pinned” rim, which was designed with an entirely new pinned junction. With a total of four pins (two in the beads and two at the outermost corners of the rim’s inner diameter), the Quadrant has a significantly stronger joint over existing pinned rims using only 2 pins. The Quadrant will be available as a rim only, or in a wheel with either a Vandero 2 for the front or a 9t V3 Cassette for the rear. Click HERE for more info and visuals.

The Quadrant Wheel will be available soon. Later in the year, it’ll be available for purchase as a rim only. For more details, check out the catalog entry.