Our nomad’s new ride

The parts list is below and the Q&A’s in our Daily Word!

FRAME: Eastern Reaper, 21″
FORK: Director
HEADSET: Odyssey Short Stack
STEM: Elementary V3
BAR: Aaron Ross Spacebars
GRIP: Adam Banton 2, Prototype
BAR-ENDS: Par Ends
LEVER: M2 Lever
BRAKE PADS: Slim by Four, Clear
SPROCKET: Million Dollar Sprocket, 28t
CRANKS: Twombolt, 175mm
SEAT CLAMP: Integrated
SEAT POST: A fistful of Pivotal
SEAT: Senior 2, Pivotal
HUB (F): Vandero 2
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, aluminum 3/8″ axle
TIRE (F): Aitken, K-Lyte, 2.25″
TIRE (R): Frequency G, K-Lyte, 1.85″
RIMS: Seven K-A

Adam Banton shot a bunch of pics of his bike recently and sent it over to us. It’s looking rather devilish with the all black and splash of red scheme he has going on. Click around the flipbook above to see what parts he’s running and hit up the Q&A below to learn a little more about his setup and what he’s been getting into lately.

1.) Do you do any custom modifications to your bike? A little bit. I cut a pinkies width off my bars. Took a grind wheel to the JC/PC’s to trim the pins down and took half out on one of my left sides. I replaced the stock axle in the Rachet Hub with the aluminum 3/8″ [kit]. That’s it. Small stuff, everything comes so dialed stock. I don’t touch the frame. It’s perfect.

2.) As far as the setup goes, what are some key things you’re particular about? You guys have told me I’m pretty particular, I never realized it. The flagpole seat post of mine has about a fist full of post. BARS: I run them even with my head tube (74.5), maybe a tad forward of that. BRAKES: They have to work good. If they don’t, what’s the point of having them? So I uasually have those dialed; absolute minimal tension on the springs, with Tri-flow marinated housing. Chain has got to be tight for whips. Tire pressure around 95psi.

3.) With the front brake missing in action, what type of tricks have you found yourself doing more of lately? Turndowns and trying to learn nothings. I’m playing around with some footjam stuff too. Barspins are more fun without the lever there to smash your fingers.

4.) We have you listed as a nomad in the catalog. Where are you at these days? Ah man, that was funny when I saw that! I guess it’s true, everywhere is the answer. What I do own has been in storage in SLC for the last 6 months. Since then, I did some shows in Cleveland, went to Signapore for a week, went back to Clevo & recorded a new song for my part in Eastern’s “Death of Fun,” spent more than a week in NC, VA, DE, OH, went on Mega Tour through the midwest, then finally was driving back to UT with intensions of a 1 week stop in Clevo. Well, it was too fun for one week, so it ended up being 3 weeks. I’m here now going to Ray’s MT bike park grand opening this weekend and THEN packing up and driving to UT. I’ve honestly been enjoying floating around, def been keeping busy. Really looking forward to Utah though.

5.) With fall coming to a close and winter around the corner, what’s your plan for the months to follow?
Move out of my storage unit. Haha. Move into the my friends house, Kenny Sanders, first and foremost. Snowboarding, can not wait for that. Going on Eastern’s “Inside Out” trips. For a year I’ve had an open invite to record with my buddy Jelly in San Diego and having Ray Barbee sit in on some of my new material and dance on the fret board (lead guitar). Haha. So I wanna take Ray and Jelly up on that offer soon. I plan on taking an AZ & Vegas trip for some VitalBMX stuff too, maybe even film a web vid.