The Chainwheel Sprocket

The CHAINWHEEL sprocket uses the new Incisor teeth profile. The look of the CHAINWHEEL should be obvious to anyone who rode bikes anytime before the last 10 years. Sprockets used to be made of two separate parts, the chainring and the spider. They were usually connected by 5 bolts, for quicker gearing changes at the racetrack. These days riders usually commit to a gear ratio, so a solid sprocket is stronger, lighter and smaller. We still liked the look, so we brought it back in the CHAINWHEEL. Like the chainrings its modeled after, you will have a range of sizes, including 25, 27, 28.

Available now in Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Gold/Silver and Blue/Silver.

Here’s an all new sprocket with a throwback look. Click around the flipbook above to get a closer look.

These are available now in Black/Silver, Blue/Silver, Red/Silver and Gold/Silver. They’re great for your bike and may or may not double as a lens filter for your camera.