KC Badger’s Bike!

FRAME: Kink Lost Dutchman v2, 21.25″
(stepped up to grown ass man size!)
FORK: Kink Empire
STEM: Elementary v3
BARS: Badger Bars v3
SEAT: Senior 2, Mexican Blanket
POST: Intac
LEVER: Monolever, Med.
TIRE (F): Aitken Tire, 2.125″, White Wall Prototypes
RIM (F): Seven K-A
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset
TIRE (R): Aitken Tire, 1.95″, White Wall Prototypes
RIM (R): Seven K-A
HUB (R): Cassette 3, 9t
CRANKS: Twombolt
SPROCKET: Kink, 30t
PEDALS: Trailmix, Sealed
GRIPS: Adam Banton V2

Lookback Photo by Fabio.

The laziest pro in BMX sent us a bike check recently and it’s looking pretty dope. Hit up the flipbook above to check out his ride and read more for a little Q&A about his bike, what he’s been up to lately and how it feels to be on the cover of the latest Dig!

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Is there anything you’re very particular about as far as setup goes?
Naw, not really. I like my frame, The Lost Dutchman, to be a pretty stock frame as far as geometry and lengths are concerned. Normal standover height, it’s not a razor scooter bike. 13.75″ rear end, not loop out short, not limo long, right in the middle. Head-tube angle is 74.5 so you can still haul ass and not get loose.

Do you do any special mods to your bike or is it fairly stock?
I was lucky enough enough to get to design my frame and bars exactly how I like them. When I put a new one together, I dont have to do any sort of suping up. It comes perfect to me, but doesn’t mean that you can’t supe it up if you need to.

How do you feel about being the cover boy in the new Dig photo issue?
I think it’s pretty awesome. I mean the photo is ironic in so many ways. One being the running joke of laziest pro in bmx and I get a cover sitting down on my bike. Two being “the dicks” sign because Pat, Kyle and hopefully myself are probably 3 of the least jerks in bmx. But I feel honored to grace the cover of that magazine, especially a non riding photo. (That’s an elite cast! Enns, Bestwick, etc. It’s a priveledge being on that list!) And lastly, it’s always a treat to get to hang out w/Sandy Carson, who shot the photo. Just riding and laughing w/him that whole day was amazing. The cover coming from that is just icing on the cake! Thanks guys!

Where are you at these days and what have you been up to?
I’m back in Tempe, AZ. I lasted about 6 months in Seattle and although I loved it there, AZ is and will always be my home. It has everything I need; good concrete, some trails, good street if i get a wild hair up my ass, endless ditches, pools, but most importantly, good friends and family. Lately I’ve just been riding, drawing a bit, hanging out w/the crew here and working a few jobs. I’m saving money to kidnap my girlfriend from Seattle and move her back to AZ with me.