Tom Dugan on Flow

Dang Dang with a Nac Nac @ Red Box in Austin

We’re staying in Austin for a good portion of the month and a few nights ago, we headed off to Mabel Skatepark for a late evening session. About 5 minutes after getting there, the lights abruptly turned off and we were left in front of a huge concrete bowl without a guiding light. Our session had quickly come to an end… but then Dang Dang (AKA The Duganator, AKA Tom Dugan) showed up.

It’s almost pitch black and he dropped in without hesitation, blasting a 6 foot air in the deep end during his first run. It was a frighteningly awesome sight to witness. We’ve hung out and ridden with Tom a few more times during this week and he has quickly won our hearts with plenty more nerve-racking airs and an effortless style to boot.

Long story short, we are proud to announce that The Duganator is now officially on Odyssey Flow!