Pink Motel

Dean Dickinson reached his 100th pool mark a while ago but this weekend was when the official celebrations were held. Invitations went out and plenty of people made the trek out to the Pink Motel to party in the deep end. Adam Banton came appropriately dressed in his board shorts, Nuno shot a bunch of pics for Defgrip, Tom Dugan blasted over a werewolf, Jim Bauer hopped over the entire pool and Jimmy Levan even flew down from Seattle! We donated a bunch of Plegs to keep the coping safe and a handful of other goods as prizes. Ironically enough, Jim and Tom ended up winning some of it back. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of videos popping up soon so we’ll keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and telepathy.

Tom Dugan escapes the grasps of a werewolf.