Sneak Peek:
Convertible recently did a spotlight on a new seat post we’ve been working on. It’s called the Convertible and it will work with both Pivotal and railed seats. The Convertible’s design provides a traditional offset that is not found on the average Pivotal post. A lot of riders lean toward a seat position that is not achievable with a zero-offset post, so if you ever wanted to run your Pivotal seat pushed back, or forward, the Convertible will now allow you to do it.

An uncut Convertible Post, without guts, weighs approximately 4.3 ounces. Its unique forged design allows the post to be slammed without leaving the seat excessively high. If you’re not interested in the offset, the guts will obviously work with all other Pivotal posts and Pivotal compatible frames as well. Rather than simply rebrand a zero-offset Pivotal post, we wanted to provide another option for riders to pick from when looking for more flexibility with their bike set ups. Watch the video and Nuno will show you more.