Odyssey Brake Pad Breakdown

The photo above shows our current stock of Slim by Four brake pad offerings. There have been lots of inquiries about the pads, so read on for more info.

Most of the mail that we get asks the same question; “Which pad is best for me?” So, with that said, please continue reading for a breakdown on each pad.

Black – Normal Compound. Best overall pad for most riders. Can also be found on our Evo 2 Brakes.

Red – Medium Compound. More “grip”, with less “feather” than black pads.

Clear – Soft Compound. Most “grip” due to the extra-soft rubber durometer that is used. Ideal for our powder coated rims.

Gum – Soft Compound. Performs similar to clear.

The Slim by Four has a custom designed inner frame and a fully symmetrical BMX-specific shape designed for braking while rolling in forward and reverse.

Please note that the soft clear pads may still wear through the finish on powder coated rims over time, but they will not leave the “black streaks” that can result from using ordinary pads.

For those finicky riders constantly in search of dialed brakes, choosing the correct pad for your set-up can make all the difference.

Hit up your local shop or mailorder for some Slim By Four’s.