Aaron Ross Tire

Aaron Ross’ signature tire has been available for a while now but we decided to put together this little video of him talking about the process and inspiration for it. A little over a year ago, we held a contest encouraging you guys to chime in and send us a phrase or saying that you think Aaron might like. There were 3 winners overall and their phrase ended up on the tire! Along with the 3 winners, there’s a bunch of other stuff that Aaron wanted on there too so when you get one in your hands, make sure to spend some time reading it all on the threads and sidewall.

Clocking in at 2.35″, Aaron’s tire is the fattest we have available. You can get it in Black, Tanwall or Orange. If 2.35″ is too wide for your liking, don’t worry, they’re also available in 2.1″ sizes. Hit up your local shops and mail orders to get a pair!