Texas Toast Jam:
Gary wins pro dirt!

Gary Young in 1st ($5500, including the $2500 bonus check shown in the photo), Chase Hawk 2nd ($3000) and Ricky Moseley 3rd ($2000)

Thanks to a lucky pair of pants (and an unbelievable amount of skill), Gary Young took home the win in Empire’s King of the Curved Wall challenge and also in the Pro Dirt Contest! Believe it or not, this is actually the first time Gary’s ever won a dirt comp so this victory’s extra sweet. Chase Hawk got a well deserved 2nd place with over-dipped 360s that were higher than most people’s regular airs and a gnarly 180 over the last jump. Ricky Moseley rounds things off in 3rd with huge variations over every jump.

Another highlight of the night was MIKE AITKEN getting so psyched on the comp that he ended up taking a Rebel Run! The whole place literally erupted in radness.

Thanks to everyone that came out tonight!