Sneak Peek:
Tomahawk Stem

Here is the first detailed look at Chase Hawk’s upcoming signature stem, the Tomahawk.

53mm reach
6061-T6 custom forged aluminum
Internal clamping system
9.5mm rise or 22.5mm flipped
8.9 ounces
Black, Raw, Limited

Our goal with the Tomahawk was to develop a new front load stem that used a modified version of the steerer tube clamping system found in the Elementary Stem. This approach would eliminate sharp bolts and edges at the back, keep the weight down, and still allow riders to tighten and loosen the bars and steerer tube independently from one another. The Tomahawk wedge system is captured in the body, allowing riders to remove it only when maintenance is necessary. The steerer tube is clamped by tightening one 6mm hex key bolt on the side of the stem.

We also set out specifically to design the stem around its own unique forging blanks for both the cap and body. Forging maximizes the strength of the material, and helps keep the manufacturing costs down. Machining the same shape from a block of aluminum would be weaker, it would be wasteful of material, and the retail price would be unreasonable. The unique nature of the stem’s tomahawk-inspired front load body shape allows it to look “normal” whether it is installed traditionally or upside-down to raise the bars.

The end result is a strong, lightweight, front load stem with a series of unique features and the aesthetics that Chase asked us for.