Aluminum Rifle Pegs

Our brand new aluminum Rifle Pegs are available now. Click below for more photos and information.

The Rifle peg is an Ultralight 7075-T6 aluminum peg with internal “rifling” (seen above). The rifling saves weight while still keeping it dent resistant and durable. Ideal for park and light street use.

14mm Rifle Peg | 3.9″ | 1-3/8″ diameter = 2.5oz

The Rifle pegs are available in 14mm as well as 3/8’s, and can be rotated 5 times for longer peg life.

Smaller outer peg diameter sits flush with our forks.

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.