Behind the Vision:
Welcome to the Team:
Broc Raiford

We dropped Broc’s ODSY Vision last week and thought it might be fun to throw out some behind the scenes trivia.

  • We scheduled 7 days to film this with Broc. The weather sucked for two of those days so overall, everything was done in 5 solid days of street riding.
  • While getting the railhop barspin clip, the guy in the photo above rolled up to us with a companion who looked like a body guard of some sort. We originally thought trouble was brewing but as it turns out, he just wanted to ask Broc to be in his rap video. He then proceeded to spit out some rhymes for the camera.
  • The ridiculously long nose manual happened much sooner than everybody expected. He almost made it all the way to the end 3rd try.
  • About a week or two before filming, Broc learned crankslide to barspins. The manual to crankslide to barspin clip in this edit was his first manual to crankslide ever.
  • His first nose manual to barspin was in this edit too, which he happened to fire out at the end of an icepick to manual line.
  • Broc’s still in high school but has early classes and gets out at 10:37 every morning so we’d have time to film the rest of the day. He literally lives across the street from his school and I was able to hear the class bell from his house.
  • He fired out his ender clip on the first day of filming. The last day was slated for “filler clips” which ended up being stuff like feeble to manual to feeble to 360 tap to tailwhip…
  • Broc’s setup is similar to Aaron Ross’ in the sense that they both run pegs on the “wrong” side. At first glance, it’s easy to think they’re goofy footed. If they were to run four pegs though, it’d be even easier to think all of their grinds are opposite.