Available Now:
Quik Slic Linear Kables

Our new Quik Slic Linear Kables are available now. Please read on for all the info you will need.

The Quik Slic is a patent pending, all-in-one, cable design. This means that the cable, cable hanger and straddle cable are all manufactured as one unit. In addition to providing an incredibly easy assembly, the braking response is greatly improved as a result of eliminating the traditional cable “bend” and tightening points that are usually found on a normal straddle hanger. You can feel the difference as soon as you pull the lever. Quik Slic equipped complete bikes have been shipping since late 2011, and the response from bike shop employees is universal. The assembly is a piece-of-cake, and braking performance improves immediately. Every Quik Slic uses our improved K-Shield Linear housing assembly.


The Quik Slic will work on lots of frames that are currently on the market without any modification, and as result of our conversations with other companies, we are sure that most new frames and complete bikes will also be compatible in the near future.

To run the Quik Slic, you will need:

1. A “traditional” lever (Odyssey, Dia Compe, etc.) with a slotted barrel adjuster.
2. A brake with open ended arms (Odyssey, Fly Bikes, Dia-Tech, Bicycle Union, Proper, Superstar, etc.).
3. A brake boss to cable stop length of roughly 245mm +/-3mm. (measured from the center of the boss to the center of the cable stop).
4. A split cable guide and a split cable stop (which can often be easily modified if they are closed).


Since the Quik Slic has a fixed length we offer it in two sizes, MEDIUM or LONG, and both sizes come equipped with adequate housing to comfortably spin the bars all-the-way around once. In the rare cases where the Quik Slic cannot be fitted to your frame, we also include a specially designed brake cable knarp that is compatible with virtually every brake lever. This will allow both the Medium and Long cable to be fitted to any frame, regardless of what the cable stop to brake boss distance is. The knarp is designed to provide a very secure hold so that the performance and braking feel of the Quik Slic is maintained while allowing the inner and outer lengths to be adjusted to fit almost any frame. (The knarp’s clamp strength matches the strength of a standard cable lug when it is tightened properly.)

Please note – the brake lever lug will be stamped with “M” or “L” to designate the size.


To help you choose the length you need on frames with a boss to cable stop distance of 245mm, please use this simple guide for reference. Should you have a different “Boss to Cable Stop Length”, please enter it:

For additional comments, questions or assistance please e-mail or call 562-623-995