Terry & Aaron:
The Sequel

Here’s another round of Behind the Vision factoids. This time, it’s all the random details from the making of Terry & Aaron – The Sequel. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to watch it now.

There are definitely spoilers in this post.

  • Just about every single clip in the intro was filmed at Terry’s neighborhood in Hammond, Louisiana. The only clip that wasn’t was Broc getting hit with the newspaper.
  • Terry’s alarm clock was staged to look like it was set for 6AM. Though he doesn’t normally use an alarm clock in real life, 6AM is about what time he often wakes up naturally.
  • Terry really did do a steam roller through his living room and kitchen. Watch the video.
  • We ate waffles just about every single morning for breakfast.
  • Terry did most of the indoor riding clips while wearing his house slippers. The only exception was the wide shot of him eating waffles.
  • We ended up having to do multiple takes for the scene where Aaron is sprinting down the road. Aaron races at the track often and the dude knows how to pedal. Terry and I were in the car, driving relatively fast through the neighborhood and we were both surprised each time Aaron was able to catch up and pass us. By the time we finally got the speed and timing right, Aaron was pretty much dead tired.
  • Aaron loses his hat in the sprinting scene but he has it on in all the other ones.
  • We emptied out three newsstands for all the newspapers we threw around.
  • Each roll of newspaper had an Odyssey or Flatware sticker holding it together.
  • The garbage can Aaron kicks is the same garbage can he throws the newspapers into.
  • We bought a brand new mailbox just for the scene where Aaron knocks one off the post.
  • Not many people noticed this discontinuity, but the woman backing up in the driveway is Vanessa (Terry’s wife). She can be seen in Terry’s segments of the intro.
  • While we were filming the lawn mower scene, one of Terry’s neighbors drove by in a dune buggy. Not only did he let us use it for Aaron’s closing scene, but he also let us take it for a spin in an empty dirt field.
  • Terry was terrified of riding in the dune buggy.
  • As a homage to the original mix, the TV show playing on Terry’s TV was the Jersey Shore.
  • In contrast, the book that Vanessa was reading is Harry Potter.
  • Never let a flatlander and a filmer build your launch ramp. The ramp that Aaron used to hop over the fence was the first one that Terry has ever helped build and though it wasn’t my first, it was definitely my worst. We made it using rotten scrap wood and it was wobbly to say the least. The only thing worse was the runway.
  • The original plan was for Aaron to throw out the newspapers in a dumpster but the garbage can ended up flowing a lot better. It was inspired by a Mitch Hedberg joke – “I had a paper route when I was a kid; I was a paper boy. I was supposed to go to 2,000 houses… or 2 dumpsters.”
  • Just like the original edit, one person is always hanging up the phone while the other person is still talking.
  • When Aaron mentions his paper route in the last phone call, that was the moment when Terry realizes it was Aaron who knocked his wreath off his door and ruined his newspaper. Terry ended up getting even at the end…
  • Aaron made it a point to wear the exact same shirt during the entire week we filmed. In contrast, Terry wore six.
  • Terry usually wears three pairs of socks when he rides to keep his ankles tight and padded. Since this was a bit of special video, he put on an extra pair for good measure. It was removed shortly after.
  • Although Aaron wore the same shirt the whole time, his beard is significantly heftier in some scenes. Can you spot which ones?
  • Anybody want to challenge Aaron with the world’s shortest uprail to 180?
  • While watching the last clip in HD and fullscreen, keep an eye on the two women in the background. Their expressions are priceless.
  • For more bits of trivia about this video, read Terry’s interview with ESPN.
  • Roll tide.