Available Now:
Tripod Seat & Post

New Tripod Monogram Seat and Post Available Now

We are pleased to introduce our new Tripod seats and posts. The first Tripod seat we are offering is our Monogram saddle, which is a popular “fat” shape that riders will welcome and instantly recognize. This seat is very simple, clean and features a subtle debossed Monogram logo. Complimenting the seat is the first Odyssey Tripod post, which at 135mm, is about an inch longer than the other posts available at this time. Please note, if you purchase a Tripod seat, you will need the corresponding Tripod post to go along with it, and vice versa.

While we will continue to offer Pivotal and railed options, here are some of the reasons why we like the Tripod system:

1. Team – Odyssey team riders have asked for Tripod seats, so we have accommodated them, as we always do.

2. Aesthetics – The Tripod system provides a “cleaner” look by eliminating any exposed “guts” or parts at the seat’s base. There is also no access hole needed in the seat’s cover, leaving a totally smooth surface on top.

3. Simplicity & Weight – Tripod gets rid of a lot of the extra parts required for assembly on both Pivotal and railed seats. This allows for a simpler set-up that is also much lighter overall.

4. Angles – The stock Tripod angles cover the two main positions used by the overwhelming majority of riders.

5. Position – The simplicity of the Tripod assembly allows the post to be in a more traditional and comfortable fore/aft position relative to the seat, and does not require the “nose-forward” position that is sometimes necessary with other systems.

We’re very happy with the Tripod seats and posts, and you can expect that we will be providing a wider range of options with this system in the future.