George French:
3D Printing

Hit up Ride UK for an interesting piece about 3D printing with George French. This particular blurb piqued my imagination:

Many years ago I read a novel called “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson. This was published in 1995 (thanks internet) and envisages a future where everything is “assembled” (and disassembled) in the home by a machine that would be the ultimate vision for a 3D printer. If you imagine being able to build things atom by atom and you could pull carbon dioxide out of the air and strip off the oxygen then you would have a source of carbon and might as well make everything out of diamond. Hence the title’s reference to a Diamond age in the same way that you might think of the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Silicon Ages.

We’re many years away from that but definitely plausible. In the meantime, George has been whipping up some prototypes using his 3D printer. Click HERE to read the rest of the interview.