Sean Sexton Injury Update

sean sexton, odyssey bmx

Sean (unfortunately) recently took one to the wrist, so we decided to hit him up about it. Get well soon bud!

Walter: So, Sean, you’ve gone and hurt yourself. What the hell happened?

Sean: I broke the radius bone and fractured a couple of the little bones in my wrist, like in the joint. So I had to get surgery a week later, and I have a plate and a few screws.

What were you doing?

I was in, I believe, St. Petersburg, Florida, but I could be wrong. Somewhere in that area. I was trying to 180 a rail hop that had kind of a little gap before it and about a seven-foot drop on the other side. First try went good, just kinda hopped a little too high and had to bail the 180. Then second try I clipped my back wheel and just got sent to my right side, and my arm took the brunt of it. It looked like it was a crinkled can [laughter]. Not too horrible, but it definitely looked broken, you know?

That actually sounds pretty horrible. So, how long are you gonna be out for?

Doctor said 6-8 weeks. I have an appointment tomorrow to get an evaluation, take a few X-rays and whatnot. I’ll know more after that.

That’s not too bad I guess in the grand scheme of things.

Nah; I hope that’s all it is.

So, what do the next 6-8 weeks have in store for you?

Just trying to get back to 100%, trying to not sit around too much. Gonna try to get around as much as possible, which has been easier the last couple of days because I’m not experiencing as much pain as before. But just trying to get back to where I can ride. Hopefully this doesn’t set me back too bad. Trying not to have idle hands for too long, you know? I actually couldn’t play video games at all because of the way my thumb works right now, with holding on to the controller, but I’ve kinda gotten used to it. Yeah, playing Xbox, watching every TV series that’s available right now [laughter], I’ve got a lot of good shows that are running current right now that I get to watch. Having friends come visit, getting out of the house, maybe grabbing a coffee or something like that. But yeah, a lot of sitting around. There’s not much you can do when you get hurt, you know? It just kinda forces you to sit in your house and be bored.

Cool. Well, we look forward to your return to the bike riding community.

Me too!

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