Justin Spriet Joins The Odyssey Crew


I’m stoked to welcome Justin Spriet to Odyssey! I’m sure you know Justin kills it, and he’s already friends with everybody on the team, so getting him on board made perfect sense.

Justin raced for nine years – since he was four years old – which explains a lot about his control and confidence on a bicycle. Nowadays he can get down on dirt, ramps, and street, and he always makes it look smooth and clean. His versatility is impressive to say the least.

Justin wrapped up his first Odyssey filming trip last week, and I’ll just say I’m more confident than ever that he’s a great addition to the squad. He’ll also be joining us this week on the Odyssey/QBP trip in Southern California, so if you’re in the area come hang out and meet our newest addition.

-Walter Pieringer

Click below to watch his awesome Holy Fit part.