Matt Nordstrom:
Welcome to Pro

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Matt Nordstrom to the Odyssey pro team.

Matt has been on our AM team for more than two years now, and in that time his riding has progressed by leaps and bounds. He’s been busting his ass and put out two outstanding video sections for Odyssey, most recently the banger section in our new 30•15 video (that goes live on Friday!)

But just as importantly, Matt’s got one of the most positive attitudes of anybody I know, and everybody on the team is stoked to ride and travel with him. I’ve been all over the world with Matt for the past couple years, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble we’ll get into now that Matt is an even bigger part of what we’ve got going on.

Bottom line, Matt is stoked on what we’re doing, and we’re stoked on Matt, so moving him up to the pro team was the only way to go. Matt is a great kid with great parents and a great pup, and we’re proud he’s a part of Odyssey.

–Walter Pieringer

In addition to the Odyssey bump, FIT’s Chris Moeller was on hand to surprise him with the FIT pro bump as well! Read their post HERE.