Introducing our C5 Hubs and Quadrant Wheels

Hubs and wheels can be pricey, so we’re here to help you get rolling on good stuff at a great price. Our new C5 hubs (and complete wheels) are available now! Affordable, reliable and complete with hub guards included.

C5 Front Hub

The C5 Front hub is a lightweight, affordably priced hub designed for durability. Built around proven 3/8″ axle bolts, a strong, chromoly female axle and solid sealed cartridge bearings. Two plastic guards are included.

C5 Cassette Hub

The C5 Cassette hub is a strong, drive switchable, affordably priced cassette hub with a 14mm chromoly male axle. The LHD/RHD compatible 9T driver rolls on three precision, sealed cartridge bearings. A replaceable plastic hub guard is included.

C5 Hubs laced to Quadrant Rims

Our new C5 hubs are also available as complete wheels laced to our popular Quadrant rims.