Loubser and Boyd in Last Call to Lockdown

Our dudes Murray Loubser and Boyd Hilder join a heavy crew of shredders down in South Africa. Hit play to check out some amazing riding at some of the best spots ever. Video by

An absolutely stacked squad of Greg Illingworth, Boyd Hilder, Dan Lacey, Murray Loubser, Jason Watts, and Corey Walsh trip around South Africa, riding some of the best ditches, pools and street spots in the world! The vibe on this trip was incredible and the video captures the true energy and beauty of South Africa and the crew.

Thanks to Monster Energy and Vans for supporting this trip (always support the brands that support the lifestyle you enjoy). Greg Illingworth for organizing all of it and inviting us along, Andrew Knight for being down to go to SA for us and filming this epic vid for us.