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Fumbles & Tumbles

Alex clocked in some footy with his Canon point & shoot and slapped together this quick edit of him and Dirt Ron sessioning a cement launchy. Keep your eye on The Daily Rotter for your daily dose of photoshop captioning goodness.

Build it and they will shred!

Alex just sent this link over of the SD dudes reviving an old spot with some new shredables! BMX Wonderland is a magical place.

MJ all Day

FRAME: The Take, Time 2
BARS: Odyssey, Lumberjacks
GRIPS: ODI, Longnecks
STEM: Odyssey, Classic Front Loader
HEADSET: Odyssey, Integrated low-stack height
FORK: Odyssey, Dirt Classic
TIRE (F): Odyssey, Path Klyte 2.1
RIM (F): G-Sport, Ribcage 36h
HUB (F): G-Sport, Marmoset
TIRE (R): Odyssey, Path Plyte 2.1
RIM (R): G-Sport, Ribcage 36h
HUB (R): G-Sport, Ratchet 9t
SPOKES: Odyssey
CRANKS: Odyssey, Twombolts 170mm
PEDALS: Odyssey, JC PC White
SPROCKET: Odyssey, Vermont 25t
CHAIN: Shadow, V2
SEAT: United, Pivotal
SEATPOST: Animal, Pivotal
SEAT CLAMP: Odyssey, Mr. Clampy 2
PEGS: FBM, Last Forever!
HUB GUARD: Mutiny, V2
BRAKES: Vans Omar Hassans!


Alex Bermudez of Give D! sent us some saucy pics of his latest rig recently. Word on the streets is he has an Odyssey edit coming up for us soon, so you can watch him stunt it up ala motion picture. In the mean time, here are some stills of him from a ditch in sunny San Diego.

All photos taken by Josh Hayes.
MJ all day and Billy Mays forever…

Give D! commercial

A new edit/commercial has been loaded into our TV, courtesy of the Give D! crew. To go along with this edit, Alex typed up a storm on his mobile Sidekick cellular device and sent us this update:

I’m currently at In and Out in T-Mec and its pouring rain here in the So Cal regions. I just drove down from San Bernardino with Steve Kennedy and John Ludwick, there were numerous car accidents on the 215 and the rain reminded me how badly I need new tires… Rain in San Diego is rare so I’m taking this day in for all it’s worth, if you’re not stoked on the rain then maybe you’ll be stoked on the newest Odyssey/Give D! commercial. Summer of Rot is about to drop online here shortly as well, so keep checking out for the Give D!vd, Summer of Rot. Yes, its free for download, so get on it. Don’t forget to put on your Odyssey tee while partaking in the rot today. – Alex @ Give D!

Summer of Rot Video Premiere

Give D! Summer of Rot Premiere

Give D! premiered their Summer of Rot video at our booth during Interbike this year and the turn out was phenomenal. Great vibes all around… except for the fitness booth next door. They threatened to hire 6 security guards and make Alex pay the bill due to the over-spill of Give D! supporters.

You can check out the trailer in the ODSY TV to the right and Alex has a handful of other photos from the premiere, so stay tuned for those.

Oh and one more thing, Kurt Hohberger over at put up a review of the video.