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ARF Art Show

Darryl Nau with Taj's Bunny Helmet

Darryl Nau is now the proud owner of Taj’s bunny helmet! Photo from Ride BMX

One of the after parties we had going on was a live auction art show put on by Bell Helmets to benefit the Athlete Recovery Fund. They gave helmets to a handful of selected artists and gave them free rein to do whatever they wanted. To say the results were amazing is an understatement. All the helmets were incredible and a lot of cash was raised for a good cause.

Make sure to head over to Ride BMX to check out all the helmets and some photos from the show.

If you’re looking for a helmet to protect your dome, Bell has you covered.

Friday After Party

TexasToast2013 - Bell Helmets Art Show

20 Helmets and 20 Artists. Helmets will be auctioned off during Texas Toast weekend and the proceeds will go directly towards the Athlete Recovery Fund.

As a bonus, there’ll also be live music from Guantanamo Baywatch, Sweat Lodge and Church Shoes. Listen to Guantanamo Baywatch in Props Issue 76 in the Pink Motel Pool Party Segment.

Event Guide

Click HERE to view the map large.

Our Texas Toast Jam weekend is starting to get stacked. Click on over for lodging/hotel info and a list of other events going on throughout the weekend.

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