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Forest Grove Jam Video

ESPN just put up a feature on the annual jam that Ben Ward puts together at the Forest Grove Skatepark in Oregon. Watch it above!

UPDATE: New GOODS edit below!

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Bauer Bike Checks!

Check out both of Jim’s bikes on ESPN. Photo by Sandy Carson.

Jim Bauer has a couple bike checks up on ESPN (above). The one of the left is his Sunday Model C and the one on the right is his prototype Metal frame. Sandy Carson walks you through it and even throws in a trails pic in the end!

While you’re on the ESPN site, make sure to hit up the article about Ben Ward’s ’09 Photo Project (right). He snapped a photo a day, for a full year, complete with write-ups on each one.

And, to add to your list of things to check out this morning, Terry Adams’ Twitter contest is happening today. To win some free goods, follow him on

Pics en route to Texas

Truck Service
Service Light

After many truck delays, we finally made it to Austin, Texas. We stashed some stuff along the way and we’ll be continuing to do so during our stay. Keep up with our Twitter to stay updated. You don’t need to have an account, just subscribe to the feed. I snapped some pics too, so there’s a little photo dump for you after the link.

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Sittin’ on Chrome!!!

I took a look at the web today and it seems by bike is all over the place, and that’s weird. I guess this little shout out goes to the 3 pages on BG and the name mention on SPRFLS. I am going to take a minute here to answer the questions I have seen and to straighten out all of the inaccuracies that are floating around. Hope this helps.-ben

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Ben Ward Bike Check

Ben Ward

Ben Ward

frame-Sunday Shaved Next Wave (galvanized looking)
fork-Odyssey Director Built in Race (black)
bars-Odyssey Lum4erjacks (black)
headset-Integrated w/ Sunday Topcap
stem-Odyssey Elementary V2.7
front wheels-Vandero 2, GSport Rib Cage
tire-Aitken Plyte 2.25
pegs-GSport Plegs
seat-Odyssey Veteran Black Denim
post-Odyssey Intac
grips-Odyssey JC
bar ends-Odyssey Parends
rear wheels-GSport Ratchet, GSport Ribcage, GSport Nipples
driver-10T GSport Ratchet
hubguard– GSport Gland MKIII
rear tire-Path Plyte 1.95
cranks-Odyssey Wombolt 175mm
sprocket-27T MDS
chain-KMC Pintle

Weight: 24lbs.

Modifications-Bars 27โ€ wide, Forks trimmed up just perfect for Elementary
Stem Flushness, Stem Slammed, Seat Post Chopped, Pedals have flush pins on
grind side. Hubs, Stem, Bottom Bracket have been hand stripped and
polished. Chrome Wombolt crank is custom.