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Terry Adams and Taj Mihelich

Terry Adams and Taj Mihelich

We check Terry Adam’s website and Taj’s blog on the regular so we figured we might as well give each of them some room on our Daily Word. If you look at our sidebar on the right, underneath the “Recent Comments” section, you’ll see the latest 5 updates from each of their blogs.

Taj Mihelich Interview

Taj Mihelich
Photo by John Povah

Taj Mihelich has an interview up on Vital BMX and in case you missed it, he has a rather lengthy post on his blog dealing with shoe sponsors and origins of the coined public media name for BMX. It’s definitely worth the read. Click HERE to read it.

The blog of Taj

The blog of Taj
Taj Mihelich started blogging over at and each blog so far has been an interesting read. Spectacular doodles, such as the monkey crack zombie above, have been accompanying each post.

My bookmark list just got longer.


Jim Cielencki has a little Q&A on the new RideBMX site.

Our own Jim Bauer will also be blogging on that bad boy, so be sure to check that out too. You never know what he might drop in there.

Check it out.