Dirt Ron VS. X-Games

Dirt Ron joins Simon Tabron and Coco Zurita in the Carmen Valley Bowl and throws down some fakie action in the deep end.

A Day with Gary

Miles Rogoish recently spent a day with Gary Young and the San Diego crew for an episode of Tuesdays with Miles!

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Prowling the internet V.41309

Matt Beringer wallpaper at (Wide | Standard)

Chase Hawk at age 14 at

Jeff Z’s top ten Ride BMX covers. You can read the story behind each of these over at Ride.

Hoang Tran and Gary Young split section from the Give D!VD

The last one’s a little dated but I saw it on the front page of BNQT’s BMX section and got pumped on watching it for a second time. Sweet tabes and feeble to wallies.

Chase Hawk video bike check

Miles Rogoish of BNQT uploaded a video bike check of Chase Hawk. If you were ever curious to see what this looks like in motion, make sure to give it a play.

Bauer Goes to the Bar

Courtesy of Chad Shack

Jim Bauer, art director and known diet-coke beverage drinker, paid a visit to Shakespeare’s Pub a while ago and exclusive evidence has recently been made public. Watch the video above to witness the insanity which quickly unfolded. Whether or not he paid his tab prior to his hasty exit is still unconfirmed.