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Come watch Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton, Aaron Ross, Broc Raiford, Jared Swafford, Grant Germain, Matt Nordstrom, Travis Hughes, Brandon Webster, and Dirt Ron get loose on the street course from #TexasToast2014.

Brandon Webster:

Here’s a quick video of Brandon Webster doing his thing. Enjoy!

Video by Justin Brown.

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Canadian Truckin’ in Texas

Truck manual 180? Sure, no problem. For more wizardry, watch Brandon Webster’s Canadian in Texas video part.

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Brandon Webster:

All photos by Walter Pieringer.

Here are some photos from Brandon’s time in Austin.

In case you missed the video, watch it now.
All photos by Walter Pieringer.

Brandon Webster:
Canadian in Austin

Our own young Canadian shredder Brandon Webster made the trek down to a warm-but-welcoming Austin a couple of months ago to ride his bike outside and escape the brutal Toronto winter. As it turns out, it’s much warmer in Austin. Imagine that.

Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.
Music by Deer Tick.

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Brandon Webster:
Red Bull Phenom

Brandon’s a machine. His Red Bull Phenom entry is filled with some hard lines.

Brandon Webster

Maybe you haven’t heard of Brandon’s name before but that’ll probably change within the coming years. We’re hooking Brandon up through Ryder Distribution and judging by the video above, he has some serious talent.

16 year old Brandon Webster took a little time off school to go on a 2 week long road trip from Toronto to Miami. Working with the weather and a ton of security Brandon came through with an all around solid edit. Huge thanks to everyone that made this possible!