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Chase Gouin:
Part 1 of 2

Chase Gouin sent us a DVD a few weeks ago and it was filled with enough clips for a couple edits. What you see above is part one and part two will be hitting the internet sometime next week. Below is a little message from Chase regarding the clips:

Here are just a few little combos to give an example of what I’ve been up to lately at my local practice spot. They are obviously much older style tricks/variations, with brakes and kicking and scuffing and all that crap… haha. Basically early-mid 90’s type stuff that I was messing around with. I hope you enjoy it for what it’s worth. Either way, I was on my bike and putting in a bit of effort, making some small progress. All the best to everyone in your personal riding sessions. This footage was filmed by my friend Dave Todon, who was cool enough to give me three days of his time to help me out. -Chase Gouin

Chase Gouin

Chase Gouin’s part in Electronical is located in the bonus DVD so a lot of people may have missed it. Now, through the powers of the internet, you can watch it above.

Chase also has a Flatware frame in the works and if this 2008 bike check is any indication of how it’s going to turn out, you know it’s going to be one of the most dialed and thought out frames ever created. Also, while trying to hunt down that bike check, I came across this 2005 interview of Chase at BMX Freestyler. Though it’s over 3 years old, it still stands as a fascinating read.

EDIT: I accidentally put up the wrong link for the interview. The right one is up now.

Chase Gouin and Terry Adams

Chase Gouin in Costa Rica (Ride BMX)

Fat Tony just posted a flatland gallery over at the Ride site. In it, you can catch a few flicks of Chase Gouin and Terry Adams riding in places around the globe.

Hit up the read more link for Chase’s video part from our 2003 video and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to watch Terry Adam’s crackpacker jump from yesterday. It’s a wild one.

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Terry Adams update!

Photos by Robby Klein.

Terry Adams sent over a couple new photos and a t-shirt graphic to us recently. He’s been rocking a lot of Flatware goodies on his bike and we’ll have a bike check for him soon. In the mean time, check out these pics.

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Random team updates and videos

Rider Updates!

Here are some random team updates, including a couple old video parts. From left to right (full photos and videos after the jump):

  • Jim Cielencki’s physical therapy is going much better than expected! He’s also been on a Twittering like crazy.
  • Taj Mihelich’s section in Until Monkeys Fly. He has also posted a bikeography (?) on his blog. He runs through a list of a bunch of bikes he’s had from past to present. You can check that out HERE.
  • Adam Banton has some sick, creative lines in the new Inside/Out video.
  • Chase Gouin’s video part in Happy Days has made its way online in Krt Schmidt’s blog. In case you missed it, his signature tire (Frequency G) will now be available in Tanwall!

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A man. A plan. A canal. Panama!

Chase Gouin in Panama

In other flatland news, here’s a handful of photos from Fat Tony of Chase Gouin in Panama. There are more photos after the jump and leave palindromes in the comments.

We went to a tiny island of the north coast of Panama and Chase found a spot to shred. A bunch of village kids watched and Chase gave them Odyssey stickers. He even helped a kid in the jungle after the kid cut his foot on a broken Coke bottle. – Fat Tony

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Flatland Specific Line

Flatware Stem:
» 6061 T6 Aluminum
» 28mm long
» 7.90oz.

Chase Gouin B.S. Bar:
» 41-Thermal
» Lifetime Warranty
» 8” Tall
» 6° Backsweep
» 6° Upsweep
» 26” Wide
» 1lb 9.7oz.

Chase Gouin No B.S. Bar:
» 41-Thermal
» Lifetime Warranty
» 7.672” Tall
» 0° Backsweep
» 3° Upsweep
» 25” Wide
» 1lb. 8.6oz.

Terry Adams Bar:
» 41-Thermal
» Lifetime Warranty
» 7.5” Tall
» 0° Backsweep
» 3° Upsweep
» 22.25” Wide
» 1lb 7.1oz

Frequency G Tanwall Tire:
» Durability of a modern tire with a skinwall look
» Standard and Folding
» 1.75″ (Folding = 15.9oz)
» 1.85″ (Folding = 1lb 1.6oz)

Odyssey is pleased to announce the launch of our Flatware Series. We will be working directly with Terry Adams, Chase Gouin and other riders on an all-encompassing line of products dedicated strictly to flatland, and we will also be helping them with special custom-made frames. Flatware will be launching throughout 2009. Check the Daily Word for updates and a detailed run-through of the line soon.

“I have had such a great experience having Odyssey as a sponsor this year. Working with them on all the new flatland products has seriously been a dream for me. I have always wanted to work with a company to help the future of flatland by providing great products. Having Odyssey by my side is truly an honor. With that said, they have asked me to come on board to represent their new series of products, Flatware. I was more than excited to accept the offer and work with Odyssey on the Flatware Series that will include a frame, forks, bars, cranks, pedals, pegs and much more! Look forward to some great products to come. Let the Flatware begin!” – Terry Adams

“Odyssey has always been an excellent sponsor and has never failed to support me and my riding. I have been patiently persisting to push the idea of more flatland specific products from Odyssey, so when they told me about Flatware, I knew that they had committed to take a dedicated approach to flatland. This was great news in general, but also to me personally, since I look forward to being able to use even more of their products. Everyone involved will be working hard to make sure that riders around the world will be thoroughly satisfied with the function and dependability of the new Flatware line. I’m happy to be a part of it.” – Chase Gouin