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Key Chain Interview w/Chris Cotsonas

Head over to Collateral BMX for a very in-depth interview with Chris Cotsonas regarding the design and manufacturing process of our Key Chain. Though it’s taken a decade to get to this point from the initial concept, we’re proud of the results and can’t wait for you guys to try it out.

Drawing Board:
41 Thermal Forks

Head over to The Merged for an interview with Chris Cotsonas (product design manager) regarding the origins of our 41 Thermal process.

Drawing Board:
Twisted PC Pedal

A lot of thought and design went into our Twisted PC pedal. If you’re interested in learning more about them, check out this great interview with our own Chris Cotsonas over at The Union.

OS pics, Hoffman, Casper, I<3MJ and more

Random assortment of goodies on our Twitpic.

Aside from constantly pushing and progressing the design and development of Odyssey products, Chris Cotsonas also does a terrific job of keeping our Twitter page up to date. You may already be familiar with our Flickr Stream and Flickr Group but what you may not know about, unless you’re already following us, is our Twitpic. It doesn’t get updated every nanosecond but the stuff that’s on there is enough to freeze time and sometimes even take you back a couple decades.