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Twisted PC in Gum & Clear

Twisted PCs are now available in Gum and Clear colors. These gum ones are the same ones that’s on the Aaron Ross Triple Shot bike! They come stock with red caps installed but a pair of black ones are included as well. Contact your local shops or favorite mail-orders to get a pair!

New Aaron Ross Grips

Aaron Ross’ signature grips now come in a couple new flavors. Orange and Clear are available now at your local shops and favorite mail orders!

Tom Perry Bike Check

FRAME: Sunday Funday, 20″
FORK: Freestyle Fork
BARS: Lumberjack
STEM: Classic Front Load
HEADSET: Short Stack
GRIPS: Adam Banton 2, Olastic
LEVER: Monolever, Trigger
BRAKE (F): Evo II w/clear pads
TIRES: Aitken, Redwall, 2.25″
RIMS: G-Sport Ribcage
HUB (F): Vandero 2
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, 9t
CRANKS: Twombolt, 170mm
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy Too
SEAT: Senior 2, Pivotal

Tom Perry sent us a bike check recently and you can check that out in the flipbook above. To go along with it, he also answered a random assortment of questions for us. Read on to read more.

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A-Brake pads and Linear Slic Kables

A-Brake Pads and Linear Slic Kable

Here are some new brake items we just got in. A-Brake Pads are available in Normal (black), Medium (red) and Soft (clear) durometers for all your braking needs. The clear ones work best for painted rims and the red/black ones are best used for hard-anodized rims.

Along with the new batch of pads, we also have a new batch of Linear Slic Kables that have a nice mesh pattern to them. They’re available in grey, blue and gold.

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Sneak Peek:
Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming Senior 2 Pivotal saddles in both the plastic and padded styles. If you get the padded style and decide to strip it down the road, you end up with the black plastic seat.

» Plastic: black, clear, red, brown and white
» Padded: black, brown, red and white

Here’s a sneak peak at our Senior 2 Pivotal Saddle!