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Tom Dugan:
Empire’s Bad Idea

Dugan’s full of brilliant ideas disguised as bad ones. That’s what makes him so awesome. Here’s his section from Empire‘s latest blockbuster hit. Click play, watch, re-watch and then watch it again just to be safe. Then after that, make sure to enter Collateral’s “Bare Walls” art contest.

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Mike Aitken:
BMX Action Interview

A lot of you guys might not remember what BMX Action is (the original or the unauthorized resurrection) but a young, 16 year old Mike Aitken happen to have an interview in the inaugural issue of the latter. Click on over to Collateral BMX to check it out.

Does it turn you off to one day maybe being big time?
I don’t think I really want to be big time like that. I’d rather be big time like, more like Joe Rich and Taj. You know what I mean? More like being respected and stuff.

He pretty much pulled that off with ease.

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Taj Mihelich:
Bike Control

I can feel flashes of being completely connected with my bike and totally confident in what we could do together.


At the high points like this cover I just knew the bike and nothing was gonna’ shake me.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of how I feel whenever I ride my bike. This is also why Taj is the man and why he was capable of doing such extraordinary things. Head over to Collateral BMX and join him on a trip down memory lane.

Back Story:
Jim Cielencki’s first Odyssey Ad

Head over to Collateral BMX for the back story behind Jim C.’s first ad with us. Times sure have changed since then but you can bet JC still pedal grinds down rails (sans front pegs) on the regular.

Key Chain Interview w/Chris Cotsonas

Head over to Collateral BMX for a very in-depth interview with Chris Cotsonas regarding the design and manufacturing process of our Key Chain. Though it’s taken a decade to get to this point from the initial concept, we’re proud of the results and can’t wait for you guys to try it out.