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If your stunt machine is in need of an upgrade, we have 3 levels of complete wheels to choose from. The complete A+, Q1 & Q2 wheels are available now through bike shops and mail orders. Ask for ‘em!

Hit up our WHEELS section for info on each.

Hard Anodized Red Wheels

Our 24″ Hazard Lite complete wheels are now available in Hard Anodized Red. You can get a front wheel laced to our Vandero 2 hub or a rear wheel laced to our V3 Cassette. These are available now so hit up your local shops or mail-orders to upgrade your 24″ cruiser!

20″ sizes will be available soon.

Fire Engine Red Wheels

Available Now: 36 hole Hazard Lite rims laced onto G-Sport Ratchet (9T) and Marmoset hubs! Each wheel is sold separately.

To go along with our Fire Engine Red extravaganza, for a limited time, we added these to our arsenal of Hazard Lite Wheels. Click around the flipbook to get the full scoop and then contact your local shops or mail-orders to get rad!

The Quadrant Wheel

The Quadrant Rim
Quadrant Wheels are available now!

A while ago, Mike Ardelean had a bike check that listed his rear rim as a Quadrant prototype. It raised curiosity in some parts of the internet and we finally revealed more details about it during interbike. For 2010, the Quadrant will be joining our family of rims as the younger brother of our top-of-the-line Seven K-A and the very popular Hazard Lite.

The Quadrant is our new double wall “pinned” rim, which was designed with an entirely new pinned junction. With a total of four pins (two in the beads and two at the outermost corners of the rim’s inner diameter), the Quadrant has a significantly stronger joint over existing pinned rims using only 2 pins. The Quadrant will be available as a rim only, or in a wheel with either a Vandero 2 for the front or a 9t V3 Cassette for the rear. Click HERE for more info and visuals.

The Quadrant Wheel will be available soon. Later in the year, it’ll be available for purchase as a rim only. For more details, check out the catalog entry.


Vandero 2

Vandero 2 wheels are shipping to shops and distributors now. You can expect them to be available in a week or two (if not sooner). As with all new machine built wheels, we highly recommend re-tensioning and re-truing the wheel after a few days of continuous use. Individual Vandero 2 hubs will be available soon.


– Black Vandero 2 Hub (36-H only).
– Black OEM Spokes.
– Hazard Lite Rim (chrome or hard anodized black).
– 2 lbs. 3 oz. with stock rim strip.
– Pricing will be slightly higher than the original Vandero wheel, but should remain in the same basic range.


The Vandero 2 is over three ounces lighter than the original Vandero, with only a minimal change in the suggested retail price. Employing G-Sport axle technology, this is essentially a mix of the Vandero and the Marmoset. What’s the difference? The Marmoset has a stronger axle, bigger bearings and uses the highest quality materials available. The Vandero 2 is an affordable alternative that allows us to make reasonably priced factory built wheels.

– 17mm 7075-T6 helicoiled aluminum axle
– 3/8″ G-Sport axle bolts w/17mm wrench flats & 6mm allen key slots.
– 2014-T6 forged Vandero hub shell (36-H only).
– 7075-T6 collars.
– 8.5 ounces (weight includes all hardware.)
– Black, Polished and limited editions.

Recent steps have been taken to ensure that the bearing seats on all of our hubs are being held to the tightest possible machining tolerances during manufacturing. We guarantee it.

A big post on the Plegs will be up tomorrow. They’re not available yet, but we’ll give you a lot of news on where we’re at, as well as some interesting comments from the riders that are using them right now.