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Adam Banton:
Rare Air

I would do a wheelie and my feet would just blow off.

Adam Banton

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Santa Banton

This new video with Adam Banton is guaranteed to spread some Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Adam Banton:
Sketchiest Ride of his Life

When Adam Banton went to visit his old teammate, Brian “Wiz” Wizmerski, in Wiz’s hometown of Philly, he expected the sessions, spots, and bars. But he wasn’t quite prepared for what else he did. Hear the story from Banton himself, while he throws down some original crank-arm moves to keep things interesting.

The Crooked World @ Network A

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Adam Banton & the Winklemann Grind

Crooked World sat down with Adam Banton to get the full scoop on his latest ad for us. If you want it as your wallpaper, click HERE to download it!

Strobist info:
Canon 1Ds Mk2, Iso 125, f/8, 1/250th, Canon 15mm fisheye lens, Pocket Wizard Plus remotes, two Einstein flashes with medium reflectors in front and behind adam, at 1/4 power action mode and one Quantum T2 flash at 1/8 power directly over the photographer to fill in the shadows from the Einsteins.This photograph appeared in Ride Magazine in December 2011.

Photo by Justin Kosman