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Empire’s Smoking the Bowl

Empire‘s new bowl is complete and they had members of the Empire, Etnies and Mutiny team come over to help break it in.

We Love Colorado

The Terrible One crew hit up Colorado this year and put together this great video that really captures the essence of heading out to the mountains and riding bikes with friends. Danny Hickerson and Tom Dugan both have some rad clips in this so make sure to start your week off right by watching it!

I feel like I’ve written so much about the amazing state of Colorado over the years. It continues to deliver that magic “dose” of life, each and every time. I had the pleasure of making this great journey this year with a few fellow T1ers. Danny Hickerson, Joseph Frans, and Tom Dugan joined me for some fun filled days in the mountains . . . This place awaits you just the same. Make some plans and get there !

Hickerson Bike Check!

Danny Hickerson has a bike check up over at Terrible One. He’s kinda been laying low lately as far as video coverage and all that stuff goes but when we were in Texas last month, we witnessed first hand that he’s still out there slaying everything that’s in his path. From flowing around the T1 ramp to floating lofty 360 tables at trails first run, Danny’s still killing it. Click the pic to view the full bike check and hit up the jump to see some clips of him from the Friends section in Electronical.

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photos from Dew Tour

Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross

Andrew Brady hooked us up with some photos of Aaron, Sean and Danny from this past weekend’s Dew Tour. Check out the pics and then watch the Team Texas video all over again.

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Team Texas video game

Team Texas killed it this weekend over at the Dew Tour in Chicago. Sean Sexton, Aaron Ross and Danny Hickerson all pulled some video-game status lines in this video. Watch it above and then hit up the read more link for an Aaron Ross bike check that JC put up over at the Sunday site and in our Vimeo group.

Olive Juuuuice

Also, our very own Nuno Oliveira flipped the switch on his new photo blog, Bookmark it and add it to your feed reader ’cause Nuno just added a Canon DSLR to his arsenal of cameras and you can bet he’ll be posting some sweet pics.

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