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Matthias & Terry:
Top 3 @ Dew Tour

Speaking of Dew Tour, our Flatware boys got up on the podium as well!

Sean Sexton:
2nd Place @ Dew Tour

Congrats to our boy Sean for taking home 2nd place at the Street Session in Ocean City’s Dew Tour! Photo from Ride BMX so click on over for more photos and full results.

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Dew Tour:
Flatland Finals Video

Terry and Matthias battled it out in the first ever flatland event at Dew Tour. Here’s the official video of their final runs.

Matthias & Terry @ Dew Tour

Matthias Dandois - First Place!

Matthias Dandois - First Place!

Congrats to Matthias Dandois and Terry Adams for taking home the 1st and 2nd place spot in the flatland event at Dew Tour! It’s been a long time coming for flatland to be included in the tour and the duo repped it well.

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Aitken Nora Cup

Fit put up a video of Aitken’s runs from Dew Tour. No bicycle helicopters or forward somersaults! 100% Awesome!

Also, Ride posted this 2008’s Nora Cup Nominees. Electronical is nominated for Number One Video of The Year and below is a break down of some of the riders we have in the running:

Number One Ramp Rider of the Year: Chase Hawk, Gary Young
Number One Dirt Rider of the Year: Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken
Number One Video Part of the Year: Aitken in That’s It!

blowing up the internet

Mike Aitken
Photo by Keith Mulligan (

Mike Aitken
Photo by Skier J

The big news of the weekend is that style (and crazy 360 variations) beat out flips and whips at Dew Tour Dirt. Mike Aitken gets a well deserved first place spot on the podium.

For a full play by play and more photos of dirt finals, check out
Click HERE for video clips from the finals.
Aaron Ross
Photo by Jeff Z.
While you’re there, hit up this week’s Desktop Wallpaper section.
JC Top 5 on Defgrip
Photo by Nuno

In other parts of the web, Jim Cielencki was in town for a handful of days last week and has a Top 5’s feature over on Defgrip. Ironically enough, Mike Dominquez was in our office last week too so JC can cross off one of the items in his “Top 5 People I’d Like to Meet” list.

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