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2012 Back to School Apparel
Master Hoang in the Driver tee
Tom in the Slugger tee
Gary in the Dept. of Freestyle hoody
Stephen in the Slugger crewneck
Dirt Ron in the 85 Jersey
Kyle in the Monogram pullover hoody
George in the Case Study tee
Gary in the Alma Mater tee
Tom in the Red Label tee
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Our 2012 Back to School apparel are available now. Hit up your local shops, our online store, Dan’s Comp, Empire, Albe’s or other mailorders to get some new threads. USA dealers, please contact Full Factory Distro.

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Tom Perry’s Lost in Space Shredit

Hit up ESPN for Tom Perry‘s latest creation featuring the likes of Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Ron Pitcher. Embrace the Space!

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Dirt Ron:
Bike Check

Head over to The Union to check out all the details on Dirt Ron’s bike.

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Route One:
Upstate Travelougue

The Albion joins Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Dirt Ron and Lashaan Kobza on a journey along the coast. Make sure to click around that photo gallery they have at the top.

Dirt Ron:
Bone Deth
Anthem Declassified

Not only is Dirt Ron on Bone Deth now but Stew Johnson also fired up the Anthem 2 hard drives and put together this new declassified edit for us to enjoy.

Dirt Ron:
Can Can Nosepicks

Dirt Ron knows how to kick his feet around into, out of and during nosepicks. In this video, he teaches you how to get down with the can can flavor.

If you need a little extra motivation to learn, hit up our for a bonus wallpaper download of Ron kicking one out in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Dirt Ron Rides Again

The ever so charismatic enigma that is know as Dirt Ron has been hosting a BMX video series on network_a. In this episode, him and his mustache clock in some clips over at The Brothers Bikes BMX Jam.

Best of 2011

It was a tough task but we gathered up all of our favorite clips from every ODSY Vision this year and mixed it all into one action packed edit. As an added bonus, we even threw in a few fresh clips we had been saving.

Thanks to all of our riders and guest filmers/editors for helping make this video series one of the best. It’s been a great year and if this recap wasn’t enough, hit up to get full platter.

Gary, Hoang, Kyle & Ron @ Slab City

The San Diego crew, including Gary Young, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and the artist formerly known as “Dirt Ron,” drove out to Slab City to catch a sunrise session before the weirdos woke up. Come to find out, we were the fist-bumping weirdos.

– Justin Kosman

Dirt Ron:



Dirt Ron has a knack for can-cans (reverse pun intended) and he fired out his fair share during our So. Cal to So. Oregon ODSY Vision. Here’s one in the hills of Jacksonville.

Photo by the multi-talented Gary Young.