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85 Jersey (Buy) and Alma Mater Tee (Buy)
Case Study Tee (Buy)
Slugger Crew (Buy)
Monogram Pullover (Buy)
Big Wheel Tee (Buy)
Red Label Tee (Buy)
Driver Tee (Buy) and Slugger Tee (Buy)
Dept. of Freestyle Zip-up (Buy)

We have recently revamped our Online Store and are very excited to announce that we now ship internationally! That means just about everyone is only a few clicks away from owning any of our latest softgoods. Click around the flipbook above to check them out and then hit up our Online Store, your local bike shops or favorite mail-orders to stock up!

Shout out to Gary Young, Tom Perry, Hoang Tran, Dirt Ron, George Boyd, Kyle Hart and Stephen Campbell for throwing down some moves for us!

Photos by Hoang and Tom.

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Back to School Apparel

2012 Back to School Apparel
Master Hoang in the Driver tee
Tom in the Slugger tee
Gary in the Dept. of Freestyle hoody
Stephen in the Slugger crewneck
Dirt Ron in the 85 Jersey
Kyle in the Monogram pullover hoody
George in the Case Study tee
Gary in the Alma Mater tee
Tom in the Red Label tee
Available Now

Our 2012 Back to School apparel are available now. Hit up your local shops, our online store, Dan’s Comp, Empire, Albe’s or other mailorders to get some new threads. USA dealers, please contact Full Factory Distro.

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Summer Softgoods

Case Study
Big Wheel

Click around the flipbook above to check out are latest line of softgoods.

Available now through you favorite bike shops, mail orders and our online store.

9-T Driver:
Now available separately!

The needle bearing 9-T Driver we posted about a while ago can now be purchased separately and are compatible with all of our earlier 14mm cassette hubs. To get the full info, check out the original flipbook.

9-T Driver Now Available!

9-T driver Odyssey V3 cassette hubs and wheels are shipping now. The wheels will be available in either hard-anodize black or chrome, and the hubs are available in black, gold, high-polished or white. The drivers will be available separately toward the beginning of the new year, and they’ll be compatible with all of our earlier 14mm cassette hubs.

Why did it take so long? Well, as I’m sure you already know, 9-T drivers seem to love eating through cartridge bearings and chains of every type. Now although we don’t make chains, when it came to the driver, we didn’t want to produce anything smaller than a 10-T until we could improve on the life of the bearings for you.

Our new 9-T driver uses a scaled-down needle bearing and bushing configuration similar to the one found on the G-Sport Ratchet hub. We’ve made the 9-T drivers at a new shop that allows us to achieve tighter tolerances, and therefore also lets us maintain a higher level of concentric precision on the pawl turrets. This ensures that all three pawls are engaging at the same time, improving reliability, and allowing for a smoother overall drivetrain.

Thanks for reading!

Since we know you’re going to ask, 9-T drivers for the G-Sport Ratchet Hub will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2009.


So… I was browsing the Strictly Fitteds website like I do a few times a months, and I came across our “Driver” hat that we are doing with Estate LA. This caught me off guard (in a good way).

The photo in the post was one that I took with my iPhone and had uploaded to Defgrip via the Defgrip Flickr page, so this is not really an official release photo, but its still all good.

More info on the new hats and better pics soon.