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Odyssey fitted caps

These are our new fitted caps manufactured by Estate. They’re based out of Los Angeles and make all the hats there as well. The “Driver” is a standard fitted cap in Orange/Blue (basically NY Mets colors), and the “Pirate” is a Pillbox style cap in Brown with Orange letters.

The hats are available now in select shops/mailorders or on our online store (while supplies last).


So… I was browsing the Strictly Fitteds website like I do a few times a months, and I came across our “Driver” hat that we are doing with Estate LA. This caught me off guard (in a good way).

The photo in the post was one that I took with my iPhone and had uploaded to Defgrip via the Defgrip Flickr page, so this is not really an official release photo, but its still all good.

More info on the new hats and better pics soon.